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Prospect Commodities Limited

Founded in 2015 as Fortune Export, the company embarked on a transformative journey that has led to its reemergence as Prospect Commodities Limited in 2023, under the visionary leadership of Mr. Vimal Mishra. Prospect Commodities Limited is a public listed company, marking a significant milestone in its journey of excellence in the dry fruit industry & symbolizing a shift from import to in-house manufacturing. With a rich legacy and a commitment to quality, the company has consistently set industry standards, combining innovation, in-house manufacturing expertise, and a passion for delivering premium products under its flagship brand, "Drifrutz.".Prospect Commodities Limited is on a mission to redefine the dry fruit industry by consistently delivering products that exceed customer expectations.

DriFrutz – A brand by Prospect Commodities Limited.
As DriFrutz, we believe in the purity of nature.

Our premium dry fruits are free from preservatives, allowing you to relish the unadulterated goodness of each product. It's a commitment to delivering a snack that's as close to nature as possible. Under Mr. Vimal Mishra's leadership, the "Drifrutz" brand has become synonymous with superior quality and taste. Each product reflects his passion for providing customers with a delightful and wholesome dry fruit experience.

Listing Ceremony of Prospect Commodities Limited at Bombay Stock Exchange